Becoming an Accredited ‘Psychotherapist with a Specialisation in Play Therapy’ Member

This category of membership is only open to suitably qualified and experienced psychotherapists and play therapists who successfully completed an IAPTP’s recognized 4 year training course in this category (i.e. a combined play therapy and psychotherapy training):

  1. Master of Arts in Humanistic and Integrative Psychotherapy and Play Therapy
  2. Master of Arts in Creative Psychotherapy (Humanistic and Integrative Modality)

Psychotherapists who completed alternative psychotherapy training are advised to seek accreditation as a psychotherapist with whichever professional body is associated with their training and to pursue accreditation as a Play Therapist with IAPTP if they meet our criteria.

Bye Law 10 details the criteria required to achieve accreditation with IAPTP as a Psychotherapist with a Specialisation in Play Therapy. These include requirements in relation to training, extensive clinical practice experience, clinical supervision to required ratios with suitably qualified and experienced supervisors and engagement in ongoing continuing professional development activities. 

The Accreditation Committee process applications twice each year: April and October. Applications must be received well in advance of each meeting. Accreditation is granted for a five year period and may be renewed by demonstrating that reaccreditation criteria have been met.

Application form (Psychotherapist), and associated documents can be downloaded here:

  1. Bye Law 10: Criteria 
  2. Accreditation Application Form (Psychotherapist)
  3. Supervisor Report Form
  4. Sample Clinical Practice Log
  5. Sample Supervision Log
  6. Sample Personal Therapy Log and Verification
  7. Psychotherapist Statement of Practice Guidelines

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