Renewing Membership

All categories of membership are due for renewal on the 1st January each year.  The IAPTP Annual Renewal Form should be completed and posted (or emailed) to IAPTP with the fee appropriate to the member’s current category. Alternatively you can pay online and email the form to IAPTP.  Prompt renewal is necessary to avoid late fee and maintain continuity of membership and accreditation. Should fees fail to reach the membership secretary by 31st March names of accredited & pre-accredited members will be withdrawn from the website.  For accredited members who lose their accredited status in this way it may be necessary to re-apply for accreditation.

Accredited and pre-accredited members are reminded that it is their responsibility to ensure that they remain eligible for the membership category. Accredited members must be reaccredited every 5 years, and pre-accredited membership is only valid for a 5 year period following completion of training. Student membership is only suitable for students currently enrolled on an IAPTP recognised Play Therapy course.



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